Liars Never make Progress

Countless times I’ve wracked my brain trying to figure out why someone couldn’t lose weight or build muscle after they’d explained their routine. They’d say they ate vegetables every day, never ate starches and worked out five days a week. Their plan would always sound correct. Then I’d get to know these idiots. The never exercised. They never ate raw vegetables. They were just liars – flat out liars. And I think they actually believed their own BS. I’ve never been to a shrink, but I’ve regretably dated many women who have, and they always wound up confessing to me, not that I asked or cared, that they lied to their shrinks. Of course, no one needs a shrink but a shrink, but how can someone make progress if they’re misrepresenting the truth? To make a change in life, whatever it is, we have to access the situation accuratley from a foundatin of truth. If we work with anything short of the truth, we’re wasting our time, other people’s time, and making a fool of ourselves.

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