Living Life like a Boxing Match

I used to eat every punch life threw at me, never realizing I didn’t have to. That’s because I was slow on the uptake and never trained on defense. Even if something was meaningless and irrelevant, I took it on the chin. It was either take a beating or give a beating. Now a bit older, I realize winning the fight of life is about avoiding shots, not getting beat up and going the distance. Now I identify what’s being thrown at me, then move accordingly – duck, bob, weave, slip, parry or block, whatever the situation requires. I don’t need to give anyone or anything a beating, only avoid them. If a counter shot in life is an absolute must, it’s only after dodging the storm, frustrating the opposition, and letting them wear themselves down. After all, that’s when a counter strike is truly effective.

Good defense is the name of the game.         Carr 2012 - Age 47 041

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