Living like a Kennedy – Only for a Moment

I spent a year of training in Newport, Rhode Island, a turn of the century resort town for America’s first super elite, filled with opulent mansions, one of which I had the pleasure of living in for a year. A wealthy Texas woman and old family friend (name withheld) had moved to South Hampton for the year, leaving her 4.3 acre estate called Fairholme unattended – that is except for the six full time wait staff and grounds keeper. So why not ask to live there? I was young and full of hutzpah so I did. And that year was something out of a fantasy novel – all because of appearances – without any personal financial substance. You see, there’s an all girl’s University called Salve Regina right there in the mansion district. Several magnates including the Vanderbilt’s donated homes to the school, and the main road running through the middle of the school dead ends at the center gate of Fairholme. You can see where this story is going. So each day I’d drive home from base in my new BMW M3 (all I was worth), wearing my white uniform, waving to the girls, and then click the electric gate and disappear into my palace. What a ruse! It wasn’t but a few days before girls literally started stepping into the street with their hands held out like traffic cops, demanding to know who I was – as if I were somebody. For some reason they all wanted to know me, and when my naval officer buddy’s caught wind of this madness, they begged into the deal promising to pay for my dinners and drinks. Needless to say, I took them up on their offer – and I didn’t go easy on them! I had many fun dates that year, at many fine restaurants and savored many fine wines – all free! The point of this story is obvious: Enjoy the moment! They never last:(

My brother Chris and I tossing the football out back. The Salve Regina chick goes long!00000001

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