Looking for a Big Rush?

I haven’t tried all of these and I  certainly don’t endorse them all, but you can imagine how intense some would be – like entering the ring with 70,000 people watching, going into combat, skydiving from 40,000 feet at night or racing motorcycles under the influence of LSD – but what’s the safest and most dramatic rush?  For me, it was bungee jumping 300 feet over asphalt with no safety net.  I had a backup waist harness incase the booties pulled off, so it was relatively safe, but the rush stayed with me for 5 hours – pulsating through me as if plugged into a wall socket – which I’ve done (accidentally) – and its extreme!  I did not experience this with free fall sky diving – nowhere close.  I guess it was also like committing suicide from a 30 story building.  If you’ve got something to get out of your system, try bungee jumping.   

Panama City – 1991.       

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