Lose 30 Pounds in 5 Days!

People brag daily about different fad diets that brought about miraculous results with their mother, sister, or more often – the friend of a friend, but all of these diets are ridiculous, unhealthy and certainly unsustainable. When the diets over, the water comes back, the metabolism bogs down, and most of the time these people gain back more weight than they started with. A correct diet is one that achieves results, but also provides perfect nutrition and is sustainable – day in and day out – forever. Anything less is fad diet madness. Instead of being a diet head, these folks should just stick with the tried and true formula of eating correctly, with a diet high in raw veggies, lean proteins, grains and low in starches, sugars and chemicals. It’s so simple and yet everyone has to complicate the obvious by insisting on shortcuts – hence more crackpot diets.

Lose 30 pounds in 5 days – then gain 40 in the next 10.

Note: All the fad cleanses found in juice bars and yoga and pilates studios are equally stupid – if not more so. Ask any legitimate MD.

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