Make Rules – And Live by Them

Many would call someone an alcoholic if they made up rules for their drinking, but if someone defined guidelines for their drinking and then followed them without exception, would that not make their drinking both intelligent and successful?  Well this is certainly true for diet and exercise.  I adhere to exacting rules for both, and I believe everyone should.  There are only 2 important considerations when making rules for oneself:  First, are the rules tailored to achieve a specific goal?  There must be an exact goal.  A lot of people subject themselves to rules for no logical reason – some perverted form of self deprivation or misdirected self control.  These same people also like to make up irrational rules for others.  So make up rules which are logical, positive and tailored with laser precision to the goal.  Second, are the rules realistic?  Will you follow the rules – the plan?  Can you physically, mentally and emotionally adhere to the rules – without exception – without excuses?  RULES MEAN NOTHING for those who cannot follow them.  Unfortunately, many cannot follow rules or structure of any sort.  These people fall under the new culture term – zombies.  Don’t be a zombie.  Rigid structure is paramount to achieving any objective.  Define your goals.  Make rules for achieving them – and live by them.

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