Making Cosmetic Progress – Workout Pointers

1.   Constant change, consistency, and challenging workouts are required to make progress. Never conduct the same routine twice in the same year.

2.   Plan your workouts ahead of time. Don’t be the wingding guy who just shows up and does whatever. That’s why he looks like whatever.

3.   Mix up not only your exercises, but reps (high or low), and sets (high and higher).

4.   Pick exercises that work the muscle from different angles, like incline bench press (for upper chest), dips (for lower chest), and flat flys (for middle chest). Each time you work a muscle, work it from three angles.

5.   Mix up the same exercises with varied angles. Incline bench press can be performed from 5 degrees to 80. Each small variation makes a difference.

6.   Mix up your exercises with turns. Whether you’re doing curls, bench press, flys or raises with dumbbells, almost anything with dumbbells, you can rotate them throughout the movement, in either direction!

A good imagination fuels progress. If you’d like clarification or more pointers to spur on your imagination, please read our free ebook located on the toolbar. It downloads instantly, and is comprehensive yet short – 70 pages. I basically collated the knowledge and theory of the greats, from Jack Lalanne to Arnold and Sly. Good luck! And feel free to write if you have questions.


These principles also apply to functional strength exercises, which can translate well into cosmetic progress. I do nothing but functional strength work – which means no muscle isolation, but rather incorporates all muscles at once, albeit one may be prioritized – like the chest during pushups, or the legs during sprints.

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