Measuring Your Sanity

When I say measuring your sanity, it would be more accurate to say – how to measure your connection with God – because they’re the same.  I think our reaction to traffic is the best barometer we have for measuring sanity.  We know that we have no control whatsoever over traffic, and yet, on some day’s we find traffic absolutely unacceptable.  Really?  Well ain’t that a shame.  And what does this tell us about our mental state – that we’re beating our heads against the world and engaging in a lost battle – which is not only illogical but insane.  It clearly indicates that we’re not connected with God.  I wish it were easy to stay connected with God, but it’s not.  It requires a conscientious effort throughout the day to act against our selfish thoughts and redirect our attention upward.  Although I fail at this more than your average banana, I know that this connection pays off in terms of peace and wellbeing.  The next time you find yourself flipping out in traffic – stop – acknowledge the disconnect – and go to God.  Just thinking of God will do wonders for the crazy mind.      

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