EOD Warrior Fund

Many veteran foundations are currently under attack, but not the EODWF, and here’s why: The founder, Ken Falke, pays all of his personal expenses himself. There’s no self-dealing. All contributions go directly to the needy. And EOD has suffered twice as many losses as our Navy SEALS, with over 130+ fallen, and over 225+ seriously injured. Regrettably, the public knows little about these brave warriors. When I was in, there were only 450 Special Operations EOD officers. The EOD community remains small, and has been decimated, trying to save the lives of fellow Americans. Back in the day, Ken Falke taught me how to locate, excavate, and disarm landmines. Today, he’s doing God’s work, as a True American. The EOD Warrior Fund is in desperate need of funding. If you love your country and the people who serve her, please share. Contributions should be made payable to: EODWF; and mailed to: EODWF, 18370 Bluemont Village Lane, Bluemont, VA 20135.

landmineFor me, digging up landmines (in training) was all fun and games. For the men in the Middle East, it’s the most dangerous job in the world. And they’re taking hits!



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