Metabolic Activator

Label - MAMetabolic Activator stimulates the metabolism and manipulates the insulin response and appetite.  It also detoxifies the liver, removes heavy metals and allows one to retain muscle while on a calorie restricted diet.  (Note:  This product suppresses appetite.  It’s critical to continue eating every two hours – regardless of appetite.  Eat light and correctly.  Eating also stimulates the metabolism)  This formula doesn’t have taurine and niacin – it’s safe and beneficial.  A lot of science went into this product.  If you seek to get shredded – this is the finest product on the market.   Ingredients:  5mg antler (for general wellness – not enough to raise growth hormone levels), choline, methionine (nowhere close to toxic levels – just enough to cleanse the liver and initiate moderate ketosis), inositol and 50mg guarana.
Price: $65 for a one month supply includes shipping and taxes.

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