Minimum Time – Maximum Gains

Minimum time with maximum gains, isn’t that the American dream? Despite what many believe, one can forge a phenomenal physique working out 40 mins/4 times a  week – IF – they train correctly and eat correctly.

Seven years ago, that was my schedule and I looked my best. But my workouts were well planned, comprehensive and legitimate. If one is willing to work hard and fast, 3.5 hours per week – total – is plenty of time to effectively train. Training fast also burns more calories – and affords dynamic cardio.

The best way to break down a 4 day per week program is to work the push muscles one day, and the pull muscles the next. Then rest one day and repeat the 2 day split.

On a fast pace workout – I recommend 12 sets on the more developed muscles and 16-20 sets on your weak spots. Many people wince when I mention doing 16-20 sets, but we’re only talking about 10 minutes of work. If you do a set, take a swig of water, and then do another set, things happen fast. You can get a lot done.

Working fast means working with less weight, but weight is not the end all to muscle development. The goal is to tear down the muscle. Going fast, hard and light can just as effectively tear down muscle.

If you’re under time constraints and want results – Go fast and hard – albeit light.

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