Most COSMETICALLY effective Supplement Line on the Market – but NOT the Healthiest

If your goal is to pack on size, get mega-amped before a workout, and shred out, BSN (known by their red containers) makes the most potent products on the market, but they aren’t the healthiest products. Their product NO-Explode will launch you into a meth-like workout and will volumize your muscles better than any steroid, but it’s hard on the kidneys, liver, cortisol levels and thyroid function. Most performance athletes also report cramping. Their protein Syntha-6 tastes like a McDonalds milkshake and provides perfect protein delivery, but it’s also got 60mg of cholesterol per serving. (FYI – 200mg per day is the max RDA) BSN’s Hyper-Shred will stomp out your appetite and jack your metabolism, but it also zaps your central nervous system, cortisol levels, and thyroid function. Here’s the point, if you don’t mind compromising your health a bit, or you’re still a spring chicken, BSN leads the industry in products that work – cosmetically. (Health, longevity and high performance are a different story) My advice, if you choose to go this route, take their stuff in moderation, then take a break.

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