Muscle Mass – The Point of Diminishing Return

Most men want to pack on as much muscle as they can – thinking the bigger the better, but there is an ideal set point for each person, and if exceeded that extra muscle works against us, compromising our endurance and athleticism, raising blood pressure, stressing the heart and slowing us down.  When it comes to muscle volume – there is a point of diminishing return.  My ideal maximum weight is 195 pounds.  Every time in my life, over the past 30 years no matter how I gained the weight, if I exceeded 195 pounds I compromised my performance, health – and looks.  Every time!  I discovered it’s not about muscle size and volume; it’s about quality composition, symmetry, health and performance.  If you’re as big as you’re going to get – don’t eat like a pig and take a bunch of steroids – just take what God gave you and make it the finest you can.   

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