My Cosmetic Butt Lift

I remember well the horror of glimpsing my butt in a mirror my final year in law school.  It was soft, barely holding shape and about to make the big droop.  I knew I was at a critical impasse – I had to save my ass!  (Literally and Figuratively)  Jogging, swimming and the gym machines weren’t doing the job, so I started sprinting, doing ply-metrics, side to side leaping lunges and every kind of free standing squat (holding the weight behind the neck, under the neck and between the knees) – LOTS OF EXPLOSIVE WORKMore importantly, I started eating correctly – with lots of raw veggies and lean proteins.  I blended them into shakes for convenience throughout the day and to help get them down.  (It’s impossible to find and force down massive amounts of raw produce 6 times a day)  Shakes are definitely the way to go!  I can truthfully say my butt is firmer now 13 years later – butt –  there’s always room for improvement.  Cosmetic progress is all about CORRECT exercise and a CORRECT diet.  My advice to everyone – SAVE YOUR ASS – it’s never too late!  (Literally and or Figuratively)

Summer is coming soon, and it will come again – and again – and again!!  If you need to formulate a comprehensive plan of attack, please read my ebook.  If you need a trainer, call Louis Gear: (214) 208-5719.  And if you want me to do everything for you, make your shakes, design your workout and provide Growth Factor – shoot me an email:  

Dena is going to kill me for using this photo:)

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