My Father’s Best Advice

This is a worthy repost from last year with a few additions.  My father never followed his own advice, that’s why I always took it to heart, because I didn’t want to make the same mistakes.  Here’s the best of it:

When Off to College – No matter how hung over you are, always, always, always go to class.  If you never miss a class – you will pass!  (That even worked in law school)

During College – Always keep in mind, these are the best years of your life.  When you hear people moaning to graduate – they’re fools – enjoy it while it lasts.  (That I did!)

Summers In College – Don’t hang around Dallas during your college summers, getting drunk on Greenville every night – like every other dipsh$t.  Go study in Europe, Africa and the Soviet Union.  You’ll never have the money or time to do it later in life.

After College – Join the Navy or Marine Corps – Do those things in your twenties that you can only do in your twenties!  Everyone wastes their twenties.  You can have respect and a paycheck.  It will open many doors later in life.  (Yep, got me into law school and kept me out of prison)

Never Take the Path of Least Resistance – The path of least resistance is tempting – but it’s the road to failure and misery – every time. 

Never Kiss a Girl with a Sore on her Mouth!  Enough said.

Life Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This.  Your Better Enjoy It NOW – (Although initially depressed at these words, our life is only our perspective, best to get it straightened out ASAP)

If You Cheat on Your Girlfriend, You’ll Cheat on Your Wife. Don’t Be a Cheater – People who cheat – cheat – period – business or otherwise.  If you stick with a cheater – you’ll get what’s coming.  

Drugs and Alcohol will Ruin Your life – (Regrettably, I didn’t pay much attention to this one)

If You Buy a Traditional Pair of Crocodile Loafers and Take Care of Them, They’ll Last You a Lifetime – Still one of my better investments.  I have a pair in black and in brown, had them 20 years now, oil them twice a year and plan to have them for life.  They still look new.  The actual lesson: IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING NICE – APPRECIATE IT – AND TAKE CARE OF IT.  (This includes loved ones and yourself)

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