My Fit Foods – An Evaluation

Finding good food on the hoof is almost impossible so My Fit Foods occupies a unique niche in the fast food market, but is it really that great?  MFF offers perhaps 30 different meal options and snacks ranging from veggies and dip to lean meats and fish with a few veggies on the side – in correct size portions – without a lot of starches and sugars (sauces).  This is why you can lose weight eating their meals.  These are decent meals, but I would say MFF is excellent filler food, good for some protein and calorie needs.  But raw uncooked vegetables remain the linchpin to peak health and physical progress (cosmetic or performance), but I know MFF wouldn’t be able to keep their doors open selling raw veggie entrees so your primary needs remain on you.  Overall, I highly recommend MFF – but again – not for everything.  You need more veggies.   

I see a lot of large people in MFF buying 25 family size meals at a time.  And they also gravitate towards the sugared meals like the oatmeal “Oat Bake” and chicken wraps.  MFF may have reasonable size portions – but they also have family size portions – meant for an entire family!  If you over eat – even lean foods – the calories still add up.

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