My Most Unhealthy GF Client just Died – Don’t Follow

A longtime friend and GF client (who had the worst blood results of any of our Growth Factor clients) has unfortunately passed at the age of 52. Brian (true name respectfully withheld) never exercised, yet took lots of steroids (via prescription), ate junk food (despite having diabetes), and took lots of pain killers and antidepressants. He was in pitiful shape, but he really wanted to take Growth Factor. When his blood work only showed a 20% increase in his IGF-1 levels  (growth hormone levels) – I was disappointed. I returned his money. But considering his deplorable lifestyle, the more I think about it, 20% was actually impressive. Most of our clients reap a 60-100% gain. Here’s the point: There is no magic supplement or drug that can offset a deplorable lifestyle. They may help, but they help most those who are helping themselves. I’ve now had 3 close friends die in the past 18 months – all around my age. Please don’t make me write about you!!!    

Nothing can counter a deplorable lifestyle.  Carr Book 013

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