Navy EOD – Completing every Operation with Style

When we were on miserable operations and expected to suffer, the men of Navy EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) would finish each OP with a surprising touch of class. These are truly some of the coolest guys on earth. One fond memory was at the end of CWEST where we endured a month of extreme cold weather survival training – 100 below zero. At the end of the month when the instructors came to take us off the mountain, they no doubt expected to find us beaten, near death and begging to go home, but not these guys. Instead, the instructors found us sitting around a fire, chatting and casually sipping cappuccino from colorful mugs. Yep, for an entire month, one of my men secretly humped six bright pastel mugs (red, pink, yellow, green, orange and blue), along with a cappuccino machine, just for that moment of extraction. Despite all efforts to inflict hell, the last moment would belong to us. As we descended the mountain, we passed another six man detachment, led by an officer I remembered from Surface Warfare School, Lieutenant Dreseux Dubon. His team had humped a giant ham and a fifth of Brandy for the moment of extraction. (They actually outdid us) They shouted for us to join them. I smiled and saluted their way. Evidently, great minds thought alike. Hoo Ya EOD!

  Foraging water, easier than foraging food. 00000005

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