Never Underestimate Anyone

I’ll never forget the first day of dive school when I looked over and saw a slender fellow struggling to pop off 12 pull ups during our physical readiness test (The bare minimum).  I judged him as weak and worthless.  Then he lit up a cigarette and strolled to the starting line for the 1.5 mile timed run.  This of course cemented my opinion.  I popped off – that’ll certainly shave your run time.  He chuckled and you probably know the rest of the story.  He blasted off and ran it in 7 minutes 15 seconds.  Good thing I hadn’t popped off with a wager.  Later in the curriculum when we got into physics and higher math – he made a perfect score on every test – and Gary turned out to be one super cool dude.  Everyone has a weak spot and looks aren’t everything – you never know what’s under someone else’s hood.  Never underestimate anyone – in any situation – especially a physical contest, or if they’re handling your money.    

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