No DHEA Is Better Than Another

I used to frequent a hotshot HRT (hormone replacement therapy) MD in Beverly Hills who prescribed me everything under the sun at astronomical prices, so when that doctor said – don’t buy my DHEA for $150 – get your own – no DHEA is any better than another, I certainly took him at his word.  Recently, a good friend told me his doctor said the exact opposite – but his doctor sells him the stuff.  I decided to get to the bottom of the matter.  Here’s the deal, DHEA is harvested from yams.  Yams are dirt cheap and the extraction process is simple.  The only DHEA product that is better – is one that is delivered in sublingual form.  Taking DHEA sublingually is the most effective form of delivery.  That’s why our deer antler (Growth Factor) and Metabolic Activator come in sublingual form.  Don’t waste big money on DHEA – just make sure it’s a legitimate company – like Source Naturals.

NOTE:  DHEA is a mandatory supplement, just like high end fish oil.  You need to be taking DHEA!   

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