Not Making Progress – Try Volume Training

Most people fail to make progress because they don’t work out sufficiently – with adequate sets – adequate output – and by comprehensively working the muscle.  (Note: Diet is a separate topic but equally important)  If you’re not making progress, try volume training which means lots of sets and working the muscle from every angle.  3-8 sets will never produce results!  But if you move fast and pack in 30+ sets on a muscle you can definitely tear it down.  Forget the BS you’ve heard your entire life about moving heavier and heavier weights.  Muscle is built by tearing down the muscle – however that happens, then feeding it correctly and letting it rebuild itself.  Arnold was all about volume training, 50+ sets on each muscle.  If you move fast you can still finish your workouts in the same time period and you’ll get anaerobic benefits – fat loss and stamina!  Please read our free ebook – the Cliff Notes to everything correct that’s been written on body sculpting.

Like super sets – 20 incline presses w/20 sets of dips.   BOOK 001

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