Organic Growth Factor is just as Effective as Synthetic HGH

I’m the world’s biggest skeptic – so I say either prove it or get out of my face.  I adamantly refused to participate in deer antler study’s for 3 years until a physician offered me a thousand bucks – then I figured what the heck, 6 months free product, save $6,000 on HGH and come out with an extra $1,000 in my pocket.  Not only was I won over by the blood work – in just 3 months, I actually felt different on the stuff, and I performed better.  In almost 20 years of prescription HGH use, I never felt a physical or emotional difference.  If you staunchly believe that synthetic drugs are always more effective than homeopathic alternatives, please take the LSD/psilocybin mushroom challenge.  (You’ll discover that both substances – one synthetic/one all natural – will equally crack your mind).  I’m not running down prescription HGH.  It’s fantastic!  Whether you’re triggering your body to produce growth factors with injections of synthetic HGH or directly introducing those growth factors into your body via our antler derived product called Growth Factor, both products trigger every cell in your body to rejuvenate.  This is why movie stars, athletes and the aging rich are so into them.  Don’t sell our Growth Factor short because it’s all natural.  It actually raises the BMP (bone morphogenic proteins) and EGF (epidermal growth factors) higher than synthetic HGH…..for those concerned about their skin and bones:)

Take a giant step in the right direction – go GF!!    Dena 2013 044

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