Osteo Bi-Flex – This Joint Elixir Works

I’ve been struggling with shoulder pain for the past six months, but I haven’t wanted to lay off workouts or boxing, so I’ve desperately tried DMSO (with moderate success), arnica, rear shoulder exercises (which used to work 10 years ago) and apple cider vinegar, but the pain nagged on – until last month.  Three months ago, I was sitting with a group of older gentlemen who ALL emphatically claimed that Osteo Bi-Flex had worked miracles for them.  Honest to God, I was sitting with 10 men who all took the stuff and swore by it.  They were so adamant that one of them actually bought me a bottle (3 months supply $27).  This is what happened:  It says on the bottle that it takes a month to kick in, but it was more like 6 weeks for me.  I still feel some ache – but not the stabbing pain.  Either my shoulder magically healed on its own or this stuff works.  If you’re suffering joint pain (knee, wrist or shoulder) – for $9 a month – there’s no reason not to try it – and they sell it everywhere.

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