Our Diet as it Relates to Our Hormone Levels

Only recently have we broken into the HRT business where our veggie shake clients now give blood, so it may be faulty sampling at this point to say that a perfect diet leads to healthier hormone levels – BUT – this has proven the case thus far.  The people who drink our shakes averaged 300 points higher on their testosterone levels and a solid 50 points higher on their IGF-1 levels (growth hormone) – and these are people yet to embark on HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy).  This could in part be attributed to their healthier lifestyles – most of the shake clients also exercise on a regular basis.  I am eager to see what unfolds with time.  A perfect diet does wonders for our skin, health, performance and body composition – why wouldn’t it have a profound effect on our hormone levels?   

One thing is for sure – many poor foods generate estrogen in men!!  Even the plastic from heated and degraded plastic bottles causes estrogen.  Estrogen buildup is the number one hormone problem for men – not low Testosterone. 

NOTE:  Men and Women – Get your hormones tested and corrected by an HRT professional, $225 for blood work, doctor’s visit and posture analysis, this Saturday September 29th – 8 am, at Guy Mezger’s home.  To enroll fill out this simple questionnaire:  http://ohsmedical.com/questionnaire  Guy will contact you within 24 hours with all the details.

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