Our Soldiers Have it Rough

My experiences in the Navy were completely different from those great men and women operating in the Middle East who suffer and face death daily.  I’d deploy for a month, get to break a world deep sea record, take the dolphins somewhere for 2-6 weeks or deploy to Los Angeles with the Secret Service, stay at the Beverly Hills Hotel then return to Coronado and lay on the beach.  In stark contrast, the soldiers in the Middle East are living inside the wire (a compound surrounded by Constantine wire) never knowing when there might be a mortar attack, with no booze, no loved ones and no luxuries of any sort – for years!!  Then they strap on 100 pounds of gear and make their patrols in 120 degree heat, wondering if a bullet will land on the back of their head or if they’ll drive over a landmine.  These men and women are sacrificing a great deal for our nation.  Do something nice for a Vet – a recent Vet – one who served in the litter box.  For every soldier killed in action – 25 commit suicide!! 

God bless The Brotherhood and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

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