Oxygen Deprivation Masks and Tents – the Dope

The reason people (misguided athletes) employ oxygen deprivation techniques (like the masks and sleeping tents) is to simulate altitude so that the body will generate more blood volume (red blood cells) thereby improving oxygen capacity. The more oxygen you can deliver – the greater your performance, endurance and recovery. While this is true, depriving all bodily tissues of oxygen for extended periods of time – especially the cardio, pulmonary and BRAIN functions – is completely insane. Cutting off all 02 to the brain for only 5 minutes will render most people brain dead forever – if not dead.

Altitude simulation adds roughly one pint of blood volume to the average monkey, the same amount most blood dopers shove back in before their big event – but 100mg/week of testosterone will also add one pint of blood volume. If you really think you need an extra pint of blood to perform better, just take a shot of testosterone. Don’t suffocate yourself.

And if you’re already taking testosterone and also depriving yourself of oxygen, then you’re completely wasting your time.

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