Planks Are Worthless – Unless Integrated with a Range of Motion

Planks are a worthless new fad, a simple isometric flex that does nothing to build strength or muscle.  We learned in the 1970’s that isometrics only built strength in the position of flex – and that’s why the world stopped doing them.  Isometric holds do not work the muscle through a range of motion.  So if you’re doing a side plank, the only benefit you could ever derive would be if someone needed to lean a refrigerator on you.  Now here’s where planks could be of use – if they are integrated into pushups, pull-ups or dips.  This would develop the core and build functional strength and muscle.  But forget about planks alone, you might as well stand on your head.

Now these gentlemen are building functional strength!  Pile On Pushups were always a good way to pass the time – the plank position with both range of motion and additional weight:)  From left to right: Kelly Ernce, Billy Williams, Becker and some dude from another unit who ended up in our pile – lucky him.  Hoo Ya!!

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