RIP Fred Vehon – We Know You Tried

I live across the street from the HP track and I used to see Fred out there at high noon in August running laps wearing a full sweat suit, trying to shake the extra weight, and everyone in the neighborhood and all of Fred’s friends know how hard he tried.  I don’t have the exact details on Fred’s death, someone said he had lap-band surgery 4 months ago (someone else said it was last week and that he may have bled to death) but the underlying truth is Fred was carrying too much weight, and we’re at that age where smoking, obesity or drinking can take us out.  We’re not immortal anymore.  Fred was the nicest guy in the world and I know he would say – get a grip on your vices people – life is short – don’t make it shorter.  Go with God Fred.  We will always love you!       

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