SEX – 10 Health Benefits

1.   Sex relieves pain (especially headaches) by secreting the hormone oxytocin which is similar in effect to morphine. 

2.   Sex boosts the immune system – increasing immunoglobulin antibodies.

3.   Sex improves heart health – twice a week cuts your risk of heart attack by 50%.

4.   Sex improves mental health by lowering cortisol levels.

5.   Sex can help women with bladder control – as sex mimics Kegel Exercises (by flexing pelvic floor muscles which hold back urine)

6.   Sex promotes healthier skin – releasing DHEA which not only boosts the immune system and decreases depression but improves the complexion.

7.   Sex lowers stress and blood pressure.

8.   Sex burns calories – averaging 85 calories over 30 minutes.

9.   People sleep better after sex.

10.  And finally, for women – a lighter menstrual flow with fewer cramps.

So go have sex – for these reasons and the most important reason – because you love someone!! 

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