Shocking Arm and Shoulder Workout – Highly Advanced

This is a comprehensive arm and shoulder workout based on 10/10’s that shouldn’t take more than an hour – if you keep moving – like you should:

Side lateral raises: 10 sets of 10

Rear shoulder spread: 10 sets of 10

Military dumbbell press: 10 sets of 10

Preacher curls: 10 sets of 10

Triceps pushdown using the wide bar: 10 sets of 10

Standing hammer curls using dumbbells: 10/10

Triceps reverse pushdowns (palms up): 10/10

Reverse curls (palms down): 10/10  (Photo below)

Triceps rope pushdowns: 10/10

See if this doesn’t leave you sore the next day:)

Reverse curls – also excellent for developing the forearms. BOOK 030

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