Smuggling Gold from Benin Africa – Easy Money

My recruiter in DC comes up with some pretty-crazy job offers; two years ago, he asked if I’d join a team in smuggling gold from Benin African to a smelter here in Philadelphia. (My cut: $90,000 for a week’s work) At first blush, why not. I needed the money. After all, every African leader is looting his country, and the job was simple, transport 30 tons of gold 15 miles from the Benin depository to the airport – and get the 747 off the ground. But then you’d have to ask, so why’d they need us? This is an important question, one they couldn’t answer. By coincidence, we’d interviewed these same guys for a job we were putting together in Djibouti the year before. They were a small outfit consisting of former Marines that specialized in personal security. (Personal security was what they were good at) The job in Djibouti required legal expertise, so we didn’t consider them, and I thought this job in Benin was also out of their league – primarily because they were white and not a one spoke French. But they’d managed to land the contract, and it did promise big money quick. Their plan was to make a recon trip two weeks in advance of the actual move, scout their route, find translators and transportation, and hire local mercenaries. (Foreigners cannot bring weapons into Benin) In other words, a bunch of white fools were gonna fly into a destabilized French speaking nation, tip off their mission, dates, transit route, and even hire the gunmen to rob them. (Good plan – NOT!) I told those yahoos I’d lead the operation if I could plan it, using black  DINOP commandos from the French Foreign Legion, make it into a single day – 30 minute raid, flying in and out from Nigeria directly to the depository using FFL helicopter gunships, but this reduced each man’s pay to $25,000. (Then again, all we had to do – was nothing) They chose greed over common sense and declined my offer. Would you believe those guys disappeared? I bet they were eaten. The point of this story: Take a long hard look at big money quick. American’s are always looking to get rich quick: selling drugs, trading the market, embezzling, via marriage, etc. ad infinitum. Yes, some people get rich quick, usually because they’re busting their butt when opportunity presents itself, never because they saw a carrot dangling from a cliff and jumped for it. If something looks too good to be true……….   

DINOP – FFL SEAL equivalent.   black ff

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