Something to Warm Your Heart

On October 31st  I wrote on the death of Greg Pike’s dog Booger, entitled – Something to Break Your Heart – which featured one of Greg’s famous U-tube videos of Dog Cat Rat, where Greg trained his dog Booger, his cat Kitty and Mousey to walk around on top of one another in busy crowds.  The videos are touching and it’s clear the animals were inseparable.  Booger’s death was sudden and left a large hole in many hearts, especially mine.  Yesterday, Greg rescued another dog named Marley, who he said took to Kitty right off the bat, and that Kitty didn’t wail that night – which she had since Booger’s death.  Booger’s ashes will be buried with a plaque this spring on the mountainside of Telluride, but it would seem with the new addition of Marley that God might still favor the act of Dog Cat Rat.  I reposted a video link below for those who missed the animal act last week.       

If you’d like to put something in Greg Pike’s hat, he is a simple man who lives exclusively off the donations of his animal act which is now nonexistent.  Greg, Marley, Kitty and Mousey could use some help.  His address in Telluride is: PO Box 3506 Telluride, CO 81435.

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