Sounds like Adderall Benzo’s and Alcohol to Me

If I hadn’t been a dope fiend my entire life – I wouldn’t be so adept at spotting the symptoms of addiction in others.  Countless people are ensnared in the Adderall benzodiazepine and alcohol trap.  These folks believe they cannot function without Adderall – and they will adamantly let you know – along with their justification – my doctor prescribed it!  But these people are coming apart at the seams.  They can’t get the edge off without pills like xanax, valium and clonazepam, and a few glasses of alcohol.  This is a recipe for absolute madness and these people are full blown crazy.  I can pick them off 2 seconds into any conversation.  That’s because I used to be one of them 13 years ago.  I was president of the Crazy Club.  But I promise – ALL of the madness is self-induced.  The anxiety is self-induced.  The depression is self-induced.  Every problem is self-induced as a result of these drugs.  If one can get off Adderall, benzo’s and booze for a month – I promise they will look back and say with gushing relief – OMG why on earth was I taking that crap? 

If you need to talk – feel free to contact me.    

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