SPEAKING TO THE DEAD – A Navy Poem from 1992

In 1992 we were tasked to recover a helicopter from 17,253 feet of water.  At the time it was a world record.  Despite the success and seeming glory of the mission, there were 4 great Americans who died in that helicopter crash and their remains sat on the ocean floor for 6 months:


Six months of sorrow – dancing slowly – on the oceans ballroom floor – in a waltz of gore

We come for you now – do not be ashamed – bones – we have seen before

I promise we will slaughter – the crabs who defy your carcass – and deprive your sight – to press and wife

Your skull wanders – at the end of your sleeve – and I see what your missing eyes – convey to me

I follow your sleeve to a patch – of the American flag – of the American flag – of the American flag

Amidst decay – we swell with pride – the flag is there – and yet I suspect – you do not care…..


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