Stem Cell Treatment – The Future of Medicine

Stem cell treatments have been around for 10 years and proven extremely effective in cellular rejuvenation, but they are only now overcoming controversy – not from safety issues or effectiveness – but from prolife advocates.  So let it be known – stem cells are no longer reliant on fetuses!!  They can now be harvested from bone marrow and even body fat.  Once harvested, stem cells can then be genetically coded to any organ, bone, muscle or nerve, and once reinserted into the body via the spinal cord they go to the specified location and commence replicating fresh healthy cells.  Stem cells can also be coded for general organ repair, skin rejuvenation or rejuvenation of the entire body.  Stem cells are the future of medicine.  Texas has only recently allowed stem cell treatment research so we are now investigating cost effective stem cell treatments in Costa Rica.  If this is something of interest, please give us your feedback.  I want a new neck:)

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