Steroid Cycles – Cycling is the Stupid Part

The goal of HRT (hormone replacement therapy) is to maintain optimal and consistent hormone levels, but bodybuilders (and many knuckleheads) tout “the Cycle” as the way to go – where they take an abusive amount of hormones and then take an off period hoping to recover. I don’t know how this mindset ever got started, but I see a LOT of blood work, and these guys are whacked, physically and mentally. Even worse than the side effects of steroid abuse (acne, high blood pressure, liver stress, high cholesterol, hair loss, anger, water retention and insomnia) are the side effects of the “off cycle” which they should call The Crash. The immune system crashes, depression sets in, the sex drive crashes and their testosterone levels fall below those of most women. They don’t recover! It takes years for the body to fully recover from steroid abuse. These guys simply stay crashed until they again stupidly abuse steroids. Trust me on this, I track these guys daily. They don’t look great. They don’t feel great. And they aren’t great. Cycling is for idiots! If you wanna play with hormones – do it right – don’t live in the 80’s. Maintain consistent, optimal, and age APPROPRIATE levels for best results with NO side effects. Just like diet and exercise. Keep everything correct and consistent.    

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