Still Dangling Under a Helicopter

Today when I have a near miss on the motorcycle, I reflect on my mortality and thank God for another free pass. When I was a kid dangling underneath a helicopter with six other julios, I thought only – oh wow, this would make for a cool photo and fished out my camera. Danger? What? Death happens to other people – old people. But things change with age. Hopefully there’s more wisdom, caution and compassion, but not always. What I realize now is – I’m still dangling underneath a helicopter – on a thinner, weathered, unraveling rope. My days are numbered. Wisdom, caution, and compassion will exclusively determine my days and legacy. What will that legacy look like? What will yours look like? Probably better than mine:)

00000014 (3)  hrst op

Left: Hand out for reference with large P-3 aircraft on the tarmac below. Right: Looking up – under a Coast Guard helicopter that day. This is called SPIE rigging. (Special Purpose Insertion Extraction) That’s Rick McConnell directly above. He was the only guy wearing over-white britches that day. Why was that Rick? I was about to ask – why’d you always have to be different – but then I’d get pulverized by lightening – remembering a day when I showed up on dive station wearing red sox. I thought the XO (executive officer) was gonna blast off. Where the hell did I get red sox anyway?

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