Strengthening Grip

Many sports demand grip strength. The best way to enhance grip strength is with kettle bells or towel exercises. (I will explain and illustrate several kettlebell movements later on). Towel exercises simply mean that you integrate a towel into the grip of your exercise. For example: If you are doing pull-ups, instead of grasping the bar, drape a towel over the bar and hold on to either end of the towel. You will find this places greater emphasis on the forearms. Be creative. You can drape a towel around pretty much any piece of equipment. The only downside to using a towel is that the target muscle will not be worked as much as the forearm. This “normally” means that you will not be able to conduct the same number of repetitions. This is because your forearms, the smaller muscles, will reach failure before the target muscle. If you normally do 25 pull-ups, you may find you can do only 10 with a towel. But, if you are training for a strong grip sport, this will be more functional and real to your endeavors.

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