SUCCESSFULLY defending Yourself with a Sidearm

I was in a gun store yesterday when a concealed handgun instructor told several people – If you’re in a hand to hand struggle, you’ll be glad you practiced quickly drawing and firing your weapon. I almost laughed out loud and wanted to tell her – lady, if I’m within 15 feet of you, and you don’t have your weapon drawn and pointed at me with your finger on the trigger – TOO LATE! I just knocked you off the planet. Most people have a false sense of security when packing heat. Don’t be one of those fools! If you don’t see an assailant coming, and you don’t have the time and distance to ready your weapon – TOO LATE! You just got knocked off the planet. Situational awareness is the key to successfully defending yourself, and the most successful defense is the attack that never happens. Here is how to defeat an attacker: First off, and know this well, an athletic man with intentions of taking you down can leap upon you in the blink of an eye. Never let a menacing character get within 30 feet of you. Two, always carry your weapon in a place where you can casually grasp it, while still concealing it, ready it, and potentially whip it out without drawing attention from innocent bystanders. Only a potential assailant will notice what your hand is up to:) This should provide sufficient deterrence to thwart an assault – a best-case scenario. If not, and the potential assailant continues closing your position, draw your weapon at 30 feet – and not a foot closer. Do not point the weapon at him! Just hold it down and let him see what you’ve got. Even a determined assailant should break off at the sight of a weapon. If he continues forward, regardless of whatever BS comes from his mouth – I just need money – I need help – whatever, he’s just putting you off to get within striking distance. Give him one loud command to STOP, if not – shoot him. You gave him 3 chances and that was strike 3. Better him dead than you.

Note to self, can’t conceal weapon in bathing suit.   crop

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