Suma Squats – Chiseled Legs – Explosive Power

Suma squats are great for sculpting the lower half, but they also develop explosivity which means – not only faster and stronger legs but greater muscle density.  To execute a Suma squat, hold the kettlebell or dumbbell between your legs, squat quickly as if bouncing it off the floor, then return to the standing position.  (The bell does not actually hit the deck)  You assume the load at the last moment before impact.  It’s a quasi-explosive movement.  Notice that Dena’s head, feet and the kettlebell are in a perfect vertical line.  This is important and always keep your chin up to avoid buckling the lower back.  Try adding 4 sets of Suma squats into your next leg workout, performing 20-30 reps with a challenging weight.  You’ll soon notice a difference in performance and muscle density.

A Suma squat using a kettlebell 


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