Testosterone Levels over 900 – Only Bad Things Happen!

Studies clearly show that NO additional anabolic benefits are obtained from testosterone levels in excess of 900 – only detrimental side effects, which could include prostate cancer, stroke and heart attack. When testosterone levels exceed 900, it mostly converts to estrogen (causing water retention, mood swings and sexual dysfunction), generates (SHBG) sexual hormone binding globulins (which bind to the testosterone actually reducing your available testosterone – how’s that for a paradox), and also converts to DHT (which makes your hair fall out). Some idiots respond with – yea but I’m taking Arimidex to deal with the estrogen. What kind of argument is that? That’s basically saying – yea, I’m overdosing on testosterone so I’m taking yet another drug to counter the effects. But what about the DHT? Are they also taking Propecia? And what about the sexual hormone binding globulins? Do they even care about cancer? If you really think testosterone injections are gonna make a big difference in your life – don’t join the idiots club. MOST DOCTORS NEW TO THE GAME ARE MASSIVELY OVER PRESCRIBING THIS DRUG! Study up on correct testosterone levels and do it correctly – or as correctly as you can. If you really want a change, take Growth Factor for a year.

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