Testosterone Products on TV – Do they Work?

The testosterone enhancing products you see on TV are arguably more effective than testosterone injections and certainly necessary if you’re on testosterone therapy.  Here’s why.  Testosterone injections will dramatically raise overall testosterone levels, but this does NOT mean that one will have more utilizable testosterone in their system.  The important testosterone number to pay attention to is – FREE TESTOSTERONE.  This number indicates how much testosterone is actually available in your system for use – for energy and sex drive, and to build muscle and speed the metabolism.  The irony of high overall test levels is that they are always accompanied by high estrogen levels and high SHBG levels (sexual hormone binding gobulin) both of which lower free testosterone levels.  Most progressive doctors now prescribing testosterone now also prescribe Arimidex (which lowers estrogen levels) but this does not address the SHBG problem.  Winstrol is a steroid that doctors used to prescribe to lower SHBG but now that this steroid is under great scrutiny by the FDA the only alternatives to deal with SHBG are the homeopathic formulas you see on TV.  So that’s how these TV products work, not by raising overall testosterone levels but by freeing up and making available what testosterone you do have.  They raise free testosterone levels.  These products vary greatly however in their efficacy.  I endorse and encourage everyone taking testosterone therapy to take Extenze – currently the best free test product on the market.  When I’m off Extenze, my free test is low on the scale.  When I take it, I’m off the scale high.  Overall test levels don’t matter!  Free test is what you need to be concerned about. Ask your doctor about your free test levels.   

I’m currently testing my own free test product.  If I can develop something that works better than Extenze and everything else on the market (with proof in the blood work – which is what I’m all about), then I’ll be selling another product – a very necessary product.  We will have the results in mid-August.  Until then, go buy some Extenze.

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