Testosterone Users – The Lawsuits have only just Begun

Since the recent acceptance and deregulation of testosterone, men have placed miraculous hopes on this male sex hormone, most soon discover their hopes were unfounded, meanwhile doctors continue to overdose every last one of them. I’ve been watching this folly and warning anyone who would listen to keep their levels below 900, few listen thinking more has got to be better. Think again! Now the strokes and heart attacks are rolling in, and the lawsuits have begun, even sooner than I expected. Give it another few years and we’ll see these guys all have prostate cancer. Please listen carefully, I’ve been in the hormone game for 30 years, worked with and for HRT doctors, and participated in numerous studies, I know what I’m talking about. If you’ve got to mess with testosterone, never let your overall testosterone levels exceed 900. A little does wonders – if you need it, anything more will SCREW YOU UP. Those over 40 living an unhealthy lifestyle are at greatest risk. My father (who lives an unhealthy lifestyle) abused testosterone for only two years before developing prostate cancer. And if you’re taking it with hopes that it will change the way you look, it won’t. If you want to tighten and shape your physique, make raw veggies the backbone of your diet, exercise correctly and consistently, and try taking Growth Factor for a year.  

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