Thanking God for Physical Pain – The Correct Perspective

When I’m up at the fight gym, or in my garage conducting functional strength training, I heave after each round and struggle to catch my breath, but I never think – Oh God how much more, this sucks, why am I doing this. Instead, I thank the Lord that I’m alive, and can feel the pain and perform the work. What a privilege at age 50, to run like a three legged deer, to pop off pull-ups like a one-armed monkey, and fight like a toothless badger. This of course is the correct perspective, not only for training – but for life. I should be thinking only one thing – how much farther can I push myself? If you can be in the game – and don’t dupe yourself – then you should be in the game.

Hopefully, with God’s help, I can one day adopt this same attitude towards emotional pain:)    

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