The 9 Dumbest Fitness related Comments I Heard this Month

I would never take fish oil. There are too many toxins in the ocean. (She was a bleach blond – who then started complaining about her hangover)

I don’t lift weights. I bulk up too fast. My husband doesn’t like all the muscle. Blubber is the word this woman should’ve used. There’s a lot of self-deception out there. (It takes years to build muscle – especially for women)

If I do more than 3 sets, I just get too big. (This was a male stick figure – guessing he equates lifting weights to talking on the phone)

Dude, I’m totally into juicing. I drink two V8’s a day. Ugh, I don’t even know where to start with this guy. (V8 is chemical junk in a jar)

I can’t drink fresh vegetable juice. It gives me diarrhea. (Right, stick with a giant milkshake)

I don’t need to drink water. I drink 12 cups of tea per day. (At least he didn’t say 12 diet Cokes or beer)

I can’t drink an entire veggie shake per day. As if 200 calories is a lot. (What else do you think this guy was shoving down his throat all day)

No fish oil for me! It’s all fat! (Yea, the good fat this chick so desperately needed between her ears – good fats feed the brain and assist in metabolizing stored fats)

And THE WINNER:  I need to lose 10 pounds this week, so I’m going on a 5 day herbal cleanse. Herbal cleanses are for extreme idiots – not extreme athletes. (Hope she enjoyed her week of diarrhea – flushing out all of her vitamins, minerals and electrolytes)

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