The Actual Aging Test

Most longevity minded folks judge their health and the aging process by their hormone levels – how high are my testosterone levels – how high are my IGF-1 levels, but this completely overlooks two important realities:  First, what are optimal hormone levels for that particular individual?  High hormone levels do not equate to greater longevity, health and performance.  We each need OPTIMAL hormone levels – and this varies from person to person and with age.  More importantly, we need to know the exact condition of our cells.  That’s where the proof is.  C-reactive protein testing (CRP) reveals the exact condition of our cells by testing c-protein inflammation.  Most MD’s are now up to speed with CRP testing, so make sure it’s included in your next blood panel.  If you have inflammation, this indicates a heightened risk for disease, heart attack, infection and certainly accelerated aging.  Growth Factor (GF) and raw vegetables are proven to reduce cellular inflammation and optimize hormone levels.  BUT IT’S ULTIMATELY ABOUT KEEPING YOUR BODY ALKALIZED.  Don’t get wrapped around the axle constantly testing your hormone levels – get a CRP test. 

Learn your true cellular health, get a CRP test.    

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