The Biggest Turn Off

Before I step to the pulpit, let me first say that I rarely get hit on, but nothing is a bigger turn off than striking up an innocent conversation with a gal (knowing full well that she’s dating someone), only to have her say of her boyfriend – oh no – we’re just friends.  And this denial is always accompanied by a dismissive smirk – total disrespect – total betrayal.  Last week I had a gal say – oh no, we’re just friends – actually he’s gay.  (I happen to know the guy.  He’s NOT gay!!  And he certainly thinks he’s in a monogamous relationship).  She thought she was telling me she was available.  What I heard was – I’m a liar, a cheat and a total dirt bag.  I hear men operate like this on a daily basis.  It literally turns my stomach.  How can such people be so oblivious to the impression they leave?  Then again, I guess there are a lot of takers out there for – quick easy and cheap.  (More dirt bags:)

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