The Body Shaping Formula is Non Negotiable

To alter your body – to burn fat, build muscle and reshape it – the following requisites must be adhered to:

  1.  Adequate Protein – The body will not respond to inputs if it lacks adequate protein (1 gram per pound of body weight daily) – at least – and women this especially includes you – but don’t worry, correct proteins are low in calories.
  2. Alkalization – The body will not respond to inputs if it is not alkalized with living enzymes (by eating raw vegetables throughout the day).  There is no getting around this reality.  You must consume raw veggies throughout the day.
  3. Correct Hormones:  You must have adequate testosterone levels, not excessive, just what you’re supposed to have.  If you’re over 40 you should get them tested.  Also, if you’re over 35, growth hormones will make your body much more responsive to inputs.
  4. A Correct Exercise Plan:  I see a lot of Mickey Mouse stuff going on with group exercise and personal trainers.  If you want to reshape your body, you have to isolate your muscles twice a week, work them with weights – and to complete failure.  It’s a good idea to add cardio into your routine for conditioning and metabolism, but know this – cardio will not sculpt your body.
  5. Adequate Rest:  Although muscles must be isolated and worked to failure, they must have 2 days of rest afterwards, so routines need to be correctly scheduled to allow for rest while working other muscles.  A lot of people go wrong here.

Trust me – women – men – there is no getting around this formula.  I’ve wasted years trying and I’ve watched others waste years trying.  Body shaping is about DIET, correct hormone levels, muscle isolation, weights and working to failure.

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