The Buddy System – It Could Save Your Life

The most important rule in US Navy diving is – DON’T EVER GET SEPARATED FROM YOUR DIVE BUDDY – and if you get separated during dive school – God help you!  You never leave your buddy!  And this rule applied to everything.  During extreme cold weather training, I thought it was ridiculous to wake someone up in the middle of the night and make them go with me to take a leak.  Hell, I was only going 10 feet from our shelter, but when my buddy slapped me on the back to see if I was okay, I realized I had blacked out standing up.  I would’ve frozen to death that night.  The buddy system saves lives!  That’s why they beat it into our heads over and over.  If you’re ever in a potentially dangerous situation – TAKE YOUR BUDDY!      

Our shelter made from our parachutes.    

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