The Conclusion is Coming Next Month

The final novel in the HERO Trilogy will be out next month. I greatly appreciate all of you who read my first two novels. (I know reading is a tall order). If you’re interested in Naval Special Operations and enjoy a twisted story, my novels most accurately describe the men, their mentalities, and illustrate the many mission capabilities, to which I include: Deep sea diving, saturation diving, underwater mine countermeasures, biological warfare, nuclear warfare, and mammal warfare (The MK6 Killer Dolphins and the MK7 Mine Hunting Dolphins). If you read all three novels, and you don’t think they rock, I’ll refund your money – but not if you also ask me to sign them:)

Coming soon on Amazon.

truee rear              truee cover

My first two novels, The Temporary Hero and The Hero In Hell, can be found at

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