The Dangers of Most Protein Powders

I learned a great deal about protein powders when I investigated making my  own – primarily that most were junk and actually dangerous to our health.  The majority of protein powders on the market today are full of toxins, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, and fillers.  The most popular proteins on the market contain large amounts of heavy metals and preservatives, which can accumulate and cause serious health issues over time, especially when taken in multiple servings per day.  Most companies use unsatisfactory sources of protein and their ingredients contain a number of chemicals.  Many athletes believe that whey protein is the gold standard of protein.  However, whey protein is a byproduct of the dairy industry, often produced from sickly cows that are treated with steroids (rBST and rBGH) and antibiotics.  These hormones greatly increase milk production, but also have devastating health effects on the animals and the people who consume these sources of dairy. These drugs cause infections and birth defects.  When the udders become infected, they swell with puss and are treated with antibiotics, both of which end up in our dairy products.  Many countries have banned the use of these practices however the FDA still regards them as safe for human and animal consumption.  Vegetable proteins are often thought to be a healthier alternative to whey and animal proteins, but often fall short of having a complete amino acid profile.  Additionally, just because a protein is derived from a vegetable source does not mean that it isn’t genetically modified and filled with chemicals.  Soy, rice and pea proteins are among the most popular vegetable proteins, but are not complete proteins and are often genetically modified.  Soy is one of the unhealthiest sources of protein on the market today due to the genetic make-up of soy seeds, which are infused with pesticides and herbicides to increase the productivity of the crop. 

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